Our high-pressured rinsing unit, in a closed system allows degreasing and phosphating iron, steel, aluminum, zinc, copper and other light metals (L x W x H) 4.2 x 1.1 x 2.0 m in individual and series production.

In order to the right adhesion of paint, we remove the oil, grease and the other impurities off the metal surface. Degreasing is an important part of the powder coating. If the preparation is not adequate, the powder will come off the surface, because the adhesion is not adequate. There are many preparatory forms, we use phosphating, because nowadays the other technologies are do not give suitable result.

We are able to guarantee a superior adhesion between powder and surface with using phosphating. Degreasing and phosphating happen 50-55 degree, thereafter we dry out the workpieces on 140-150 degree. Henkel is our main supplier of degreasing and phosphating chemicals. By products of Henkel, we can use excellent and modern substance, because of the perfect surface cleaning.